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The Reading for Repro Rights Tour Comes to the Midwest

Energetic, increasingly scary and suspenseful, and even intermittently sexy.

-- Rickie Solinger, San Francisco Examiner

My 1997 novel, The Misconceiver, which imagines a post-Roe America in the late 2020s, has suddenly risen to prominence with Wandering Aengus Press's lightning-fast reissue. Book are now available everywhere, and the Reading for Repro Rights Tour is coming to five cities in the Midwest this March. This article on LitHub gives the backstory. Please join my mailing list to get the latest.


"The Misconceiver is a startling novel in ways that highlight how unsurprising most pro-choice novels are." -- Ron Charles, Washington Post


"While the repression of women in this society is at first presented matter-of-factly, the accretion of detail concerning their emotional and physical pain makes this far more than merely a political novel . . . . If in this novel Ferriss makes you think, she will also make you feel." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review)


"The Misconceiver is primarily a powerful novel of dystopia . . . but it is also a very tense thriller." -- The Times of London


"The Misconceiver stands stalwartly by John Irving's Cider House Rules as a compassionate novel about abortion and, thus, about women." -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Lucy wrote The Misconceiver 25 years ago, when reproductive rights seemed under threat. Little did she know that her dystopic fiction would begin to merge with reality in 2022, with the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Disheartening though that decision is, Lucy's excited to see the book back in print and will donate all her proceeds to organizations working to shore up women's rights around the United States.


For more information on the book, including the Readers' Guide, please see The Misconceiver page. To receive up-to-date news on events as well as adventures and literary recommendations, please join my mailing list.