Short Stuff

A dabbler's selection of recent fiction and nonfiction . . . 

"The House of My Other Life," from American Short fiction
"The Woman Who Said No," from Missouri Review
"Minnesota," from Michigan Quarterly Review
"The Difficulty of Translation," from Michigan Quarterly Review
"Road Rage," from Roanoke Review

Belles Lettres
Lingua Franca, a weekly blog at the Chronicle of Higher Education. Please read and comment!
"Bush," from Fourth Genre
"Writing the Body," from Southern Review (included in Best American Essays and Best American Nonrequired Reading)
"The People Inside Mars," from Arts & Letters
"Love and Learn," from the New York Times Magazine

"Strange Brew," from the New York Times Magazine
"My Son's Gamble," from the New York Times Magazine
"My Parents Couldn't Outlive, or Outrun, Each Other," from the New York Times
"Notes of a Courtside Mother," from Sport Literate

Essays on Writing
"The Parts and the Whole," in The Essayist's Dilemma, Welcome Table Press
"Not Taking the Bait," from Writers on Writing: The Art of the Short Story, ed. Maurice Lee
"Writing in No-Time," from Sleeping with One Eye Open, ed. Judith Cofer
"Leaving the Neighborhood," from Mid-List

"When You Don't Leave Home Without It," from the New York Times
"When the Heart Sets the Itinerary," from the New York Times
"Not So Fast, Not So High," from the New York Times

Scholarly Essays
"Uncle Charles Repairs to the A&P," from Narrative, winner of the 2009 Best Essay award from the Int'l Society for Narrative
"Sharpening Teeth," from Southern Review

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